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Pine tree at dusk

The Bruff Project — a 502(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

The Bruff Project is a small nonprofit corporation formed to drive and support the publication of the gold rush adventure drawings of J. Goldsborough Bruff. (Click here to see what we are publishing.)

Although we have no brick-and-mortar existence, our team members are closely linked through the internet and associated technology. Plus, we frequently meet along the road Bruff traveled to California.

Our board of directors, officers, and key players give the project an in-depth knowledge of the history of the development of the American West, the overland migration of the mid-nineteenth century. They know the routes and landscapes that provide the physical context of the migration, and are familiar with the diaries and journals that provide the human context of life in covered wagons.

The leading members of our team have both boots-on-the ground expertise with the trails of the migration and a working familiarity with the archives that hold the source material of Western Americana.

Our team members also provide specialized expertise in the current technology of publishing in a digital world.


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