Animating Bruffs Drawings


Funeral of Spence0

The Beinecke

The funeral of J.C. Spence

Some characteristics of Bruffs drawings can be really understood only when they are shown by animations.

The Bruff Project will publish a fair selection of Bruff’s drawings in an electronic medium (on CD or DVD) that provides a broad survey of the body of his work, and that uses animations to support descriptions of certain characteristics.

With the drawing and photo shown below, we can see that Bruff very accurately depicted a scene when he drew it while on site — while actually looking at it. But we can really understand how accurate Bruff was when we see a demonstration of his accuracy animated. Click here to see that.

Click here to see how Bruff's recollection of events, how his depiction of a scene through several versions of a drawing, led to distortions that were not all that accurate.

Click here to see how Bruff wide paranamas in notebooks that were pretty small.

Bruff gave us a title in many of his drawings. He also added notes and comments, sometimes on trees or rocks that he included in his drawings. Click here to see a couple of examples, these using elephants.

The Bruff project's animated dynamic publications will bring Bruff's work to life.