The Bruff Project Catalog

Catalog page

A page from the Bruff Project's catalog.

In the catalog, The Bruff Project will publish all of Bruff's drawings.

The interpreting text that accompanies the dawings will describe each drawing and its setting, within the context of Bruff’s journey. The drawing title will be provided along with identificaiton of the repository holding the original and the repository's call number for the drawing.

The drawings in the catalog will be grouped chapters, with an introduction that provides a brief description of Bruffs gold rush adventures, how he drew the drawings, the drawings and their interrelationships, and how the drawings were processed for publication. Each chapter will provide its own introduction, to place the drawings it includes into the proper context of Bruffs adventures.

When the drawing is one of two or more versions of the same scene, the drawings will be described as a set, with particular information on each drawing in the set.

Twenty-two chapters are included, as described in the chapters page of this web site. Click here for more information on the chapters.