Publication Chapters

No. Chapter Title
1 Getting Started
2 From the Missouri to the South Platte
3 The North Platte Monuments
4 Laramie to Devils Gate
5 Devils Gate to the Cutoff
6 Greenwoods/Sublettes Cutoff
7 The Bear and the Snake
8 Raft to the Humboldt
9 Along the Humboldt
10 On the Applegate and Lassen trails
11 Winter Camp
12 Sacramento Valley, Gold, and Honey
13 Gold Bluffs and Trinidad
14 San Francisco, to Panama and Home
15 Elephants, People, and Other Animals
16 Indians and Petroglyphs
17 Flora and Fauna
18 Designs
19 Unidentified Drawings
20 The Essential Other
21 Pages and Sheets with Multiple Drawings
22 Facing Page Spreads

For The Bruff Project’s publications, we have divided his drawings into 22 chapters.

The first 14 chapters are “chronological” chapters — chapters with drawings that can be identified by a date indicating the date Bruff was on the site of the scene depicted.

The next 6 chapters are “topical” chapters — chapters with drawings that are identified by the subject they depict, rather than a date. Drawings that are most suitably placed in a topical chapter, but that can also be identified by a date, are cross-referenced from one chapter to another.

The last two chapters are “reference” chapters — chapters that include images of notebook pages and publication portfolio sheets that contain two or more images (or parts of images), and facing page spreads of a notebook that includes one or more drawings Bruff drew across the spread (typically starting on the left hand page and continuing on to the right hand page).

The chapters are as follows: