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One of Bruff's notebooks

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The Bruff Project is publishing —

“An interpretative illustrated database listing all of Bruff's drawings and showing how the drawings are interrelated.”

Bruff's drawings are wonderfully interrelated, given all the different versions of a scene he drew. And he sometimes created a new scene by copying details from a drawing or a couple of drawings.

The Bruff Project's database shows the interrelationships of Bruff's drawings. And the database provides interpretative material, both by including the annotations Bruff made on his drawings, and through the editor's comments.

Our database allows a user to select drawings and list Bruff's drawings in a number of ways, both for display and for printed lists. It also allows a user to display each of Bruffs drawings. The displays are fairly small, as would be expected of a database, but are large enough to allow examination of the image.


One of Bruff's notebooks

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The database images, in conjunction with accompanying text that presents Bruff's annotations and the editor's comments, provides a complete visual/textual representation of each drawing.

Call numbers and file names from the repository holding the manuscript copy of each drawing allow researchers, authors, and publishers to order digitized copies of exactly the drawings he or she or they want to examine more closely or incorporate in a publication.