Exhibition Materials


One of Bruff's notebooks

One of the most complicated exhibit panels


One of Bruff's notebooks

One of simpler exhibit panels

The Bruff Project will prepare traveling exhibition materials that will allow trail centers, libraries, and museums to expose Bruff's drawings to the general public and to expose the general public to the benefits they themselves provide to their communities.

The visual power of Bruff's drawings will draw the lessser informed of those who visit the exhibition into the larger context of the development of the American West. The drawings will also enriching detail for those who are already informed, but ever engaged in the search for more.

The materials will be devloped such that visitors can complete their visit in no more than an hour, and with a balance of drawings that require a fair amount of interpretation with those that next to no interpretation other than that provided by a title.

Given the reality that the largest number of trail centers, libraries, and museums operate on a limited budget, the challenge for The Bruff Project is to develop materials that allow the institutions and organizations hosting the exhibit to offer an interesting and informed attraction at an affordable cost.

The panel to the upper right presents one of Bruff's larger drawings, from The Huntington, that requries a good deal of interpretation. The panel to the lower right displays drawings of “flora and fauna” (from both The Beinecke and The Huntington) that require no interpretation.